The purpose of the COINTELPRO operation: To publicly discredit those legitimate individuals who are telling the truth about criminals, tyrants and traitors in government; and to sabotage the work of genuine activists standing up against the New World Order. COINTELPRO --instituted in the 1950s under the auspices of the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover-- involves, among other operations, professional Intelligence operatives who organize amateurs (who pose as political activists; "patriots" or even "Christians") to target bonafide whistle-blowers, survivors of government black operations,sincere patriots and defenders of the Constitution, by demonizing their character; spreading lies and disinformation; Machiavellian

divide-and-conquer tactics; as well as harassment campaigns by e-mail and phone, even stalking (cyber-stalking included).  (Barbara Hartwell  April 1, 2005)